A Digital Assistant – Who wouldn’t want one…

Hypothesis lead the delivery of a Mobile Digital Assistant for everyone. Utilising Design Thinking principles,  sessions with over 100 staff were facilitated. Pain points and unproductive processes were identified to define a minimum viable product (MVP) which delivered:

  • Ability to view staff information, location and availability while on the go.
  • Functionality to approve a number of key decisions on a mobile device – traditionally these approvals were limited to legacy desktop applications which were disparate and difficult to navigate.
  • The foundation of the intranet replacement initiative, integrating with  user obsessed design principles.

Value driven user stories allowed the team to quickly prioritize their backlog, focusing on adoption and App usage to maximize mobility and approval turnaround times. As a result, the product saved the organisation money by implementing efficiencies within the business and established a number of base technical patterns for reuse in the future.