Introducing a radically new Design Thinking approach in NSW Government

Introducing a radically new Design Thinking approach to complaints and feedback in government allowed innovation to happen at start-up speeds, delivering a fit-for-purpose product and potentially scalable complaint handling capability in just five weeks.

Overview of the client’s needs

These government agencies had made a commitment to improve complaint handling for citizens after it had been identified as a major cause of customer dissatisfaction in a 2015 survey. They knew that they wanted to adhere to the principle of providing citizens with a ‘no wrong door’, easily accessible central contact point for complaints, but were bogged down in conducting exhaustive research and producing reports. The team was deliberating on how to start building out a solution that would meet the requirements of over 300 agencies with +-7,000 domains.

Hypothesis involvement

Making the customer experience the number one priority, a small embedded Hypothesis team (Product Owner, Scrum Master, UX and Engineers) set about tackling this complex problem.


Empathise + Ideate: 100 ideas | 4 paper prototypes |
5 personas | 5 user journeys

Design Thinking facilitated workshops were conducted with core business stakeholders to translate the product vision into a high fidelity prototype, which in turn identified the various personas with the appropriate user journeys.


Test + Learn: 36 customers | 8 complaint handlers

We dived into user testing to validate our initial assumptions. Hypothesis used a mix of informal on-the-street interviews, as well as more in depth user testing sessions. Concepts were iteratively built upon and strengthened based on customer and government stakeholder feedback.

Iterate: 2 workshops | 1 roadmap

Key components of concepts were merged or discarded with the help of reference groups and stakeholder workshops. The strongest and most desirable concepts were iteratively developed and refined to build out a backlog and roadmap.
Build + Measure: 1 working prototype | 1 pilot site

The pilot successfully delivered citizens a quick, frictionless and convenient process option for making complaints or giving feedback. It also streamlined the workflow for agencies, allowing them to better respond to customers and start delivering on their commitments to improve customer satisfaction by making the process more transparent and reliable.
Value created with the client

A number of benefits resulted from the engagement, including:

  • Hypothesis mapped the user journeys and designed a new flow, simplifying the process and significantly reducing the time it takes to lodge feedback with government agencies, in turn delivering on the clients’ commitment to improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Successfully showed the benefits of Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping and Agile to deliver a fit-for-purpose product – iteratively and fast – and helped embed the ethos of continuous improvement within the existing government dev teams.
  • Our solution allows for the delivery of meaningful whole of government metrics to management for the first time, helping identify macro trends and systemic issues. Previously this data had been siloed due to each agencies disparate capabilities.If you are interested in understanding more on how to cost effectively experiment with products that will excite your customers and grow your bottom line or if you suffer from end-user dissatisfaction, project overruns and responding to market changes, send an enquiry through to to reach out to one of our experts.